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Project: Mentoring for Project Managers, including the setting of basic rules, processes, terminology and tools for project management

Mentoring meetings with the CEO of DEV PACK are a great example of the fact that the transfer of experience in project management can be done fresh - in the form of discussions and directly over the real project. We do not have online meetings on complex presentations or on specific methodologies, we are looking for what fits the projects we are solving in Phonexia, we are talking about recommendations for further steps or setting up suitable processes for future projects. All with expertise, professionalism and a great human approach.

• We like how the communication takes place during meetings (clearly and with a smile), we feel a good atmosphere, willingness to help us. Our questions are always answered and we get a response back
• I like the focus on the needs of Phonexia and the proactive preparation of materials that we are able to use in our projects
• I like the way how the online meetings are organised - the meeting has a flow, everyone is involved

Thanks for the mentoring!

— Marek Kováč (GOV Consulting Team Coordinator) & Honza Matoušek (Delivery Master)

Phonexia s.r.o.

The partnership with EndySoft makes us stronger. We know, how to automate your business


EndySoft s.r.o.

Project scope: Implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) including methodology & processess

We cooperate with DEV PACK on the realization of the PMO E2E, including running specific projects and setting up processes for Capacity tracking and Planning E2E across the company.

The biggest benefits of working with DEV PACK for us?
The PMO begins to operate as an institute coordinating activities between BIZ, IT, and the headquarters. The first habits are formed, even it hurts.

Why DEV PACK? Thanks to the personal approach of the CEO, who has an above-standard personal relationship to the quality of delivery.
DEV PACK set the prioritization matrix and the conditions of the nomination and approval process within this matrix.

I recommend DEV PACK because it has demonstrated sufficient capacity, but also flexibility corresponding to the needs of AXA ASSISTANCE. It is a company made up of concrete people

— Jan Broďák


Project scope : Creation of an interactive website with the possibility of online registration for Law Office

For us as a client cooperation with DEV PACK has been a very pleasant experience from the very beginning. Until then, we always struggled with unfinished work, unfinished functionalities, and in order to explain the errors to the programmers, we had to devote a lot of time to our own research of what does not work for us, where and what is wrongly written, etc. We really do not have the time or skills to do that.

The moment DEV PACK took charge of the complete retest, of the coordination with the supplier and the proper description of the errors, we did not have to worry about anything. We appreciate the professional behavior, exceptional client approach, adherence to the agreed deadlines. We warmly recommend.

— Mgr. Martin Polách

Advokátní kancelář „Advokát POLÁCH“

Project scope : Testing & QA of brand new & complex website

Every company needs a well-functioning website that is visually and technically fine-tuned. In addition to quality content, it is important that the website not only provides the necessary information, but also works quickly, without unnecessary errors. If you want to know the strength of your website, the team of testers from DEV PACK will reveal it to you.

We work together to test websites before handing them over to our clients. In addition to a professional approach, I also appreciate the sense of detail and solutions offered. Thanks to that, we know that the client received a perfect, tailor-made website from us.

— Lukáš Janovec

Web Developer, Krásnô studio

Project scope : Realization of project office - PMO: documentation, rules and processes

In the ČSAD Group, we got into a situation where it was necessary to solve a parallel growing number of development and strategic projects, or even programs.

We were looking for a way to ensure efficiency in managing all interesting activities, as well as a comprehensive and proven procedure, how to manage everything and deliver as expected.

The solution came to us in the form of the implementation of the Project Office (PMO) as an independent team, as well as a Project methodology tailored to our needs, priorities and business environment. Cooperation with PR was brisk, they quickly perceived our needs and environment and sewed PMO with knowledge of what is important in the implementation of projects to look at what are important phases and what is not essential and it is possible to eliminate and reduce paperwork.

— Martin Berka

Business Development Director, OSTRA

Project scope : Comprehensive roofing of the ERP development project - ``project as a service``

Less than a year ago, the ISIT team was faced with a fundamental decision on the further development of its main product - the ERP system.
The task for choosing an experienced professional in the field was much broader, and that is to place this project in the context of profound changes in the entire team and the company's organization.
During the period of cooperation with DEV PACK/ PROJECT rePUBLIC, we at ISIT have managed to change and integrate important company processes. We have completely changed the system of evaluation of individuals with regard to the newly defined individual and team goals.
Many people on the market claim that they can manage a project. But it really only works with some! ”

— Ing. Jiří Pudich, MBA

Managing Director, ISIT a.s.

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